You’ll be able to find all kinds of awesome fan-run events happening at Nashicon 2018. Along with Main Events, there are four other categories of events:


Want to learn how to do, build or make something? A workshop is for you! The goal of a workshop is for the main panelist to teach everyone in the audience about a specific skill of theirs, be it sewing, programming, or even how to dance.


Want to interact with the panelists? You’ll want to go to one of our interactive events! Whether its a gameshow-type panel, dancing, singing, or even fighting* (fake fighting), the point of an interactive event is to involve the audience!


The traditional convention staple. Panels are typically lectures or discussions of a central topic, usually relating to a specific fandom or a theme of pop culture.

Photoshoots & Gatherings:

Cosplay photoshoots, pajama parties, or just a group of people coming together to celebrate a fandom – those are all considered Gatherings! These can take place in several areas of the convention center, including the gazebo, upstairs lobby, and more!

Any questions? You can always send an email to!