Cosplay Chess

Applications for the 2017 Dating Games should go online around January 2017!

Who will win this year, those primitive, smelly Earthlings, or those dastardly villains from Space? Find out on Sunday at 2:30pm in Main Events! Watch your favorite characters battle it out on a giant chessboard! Cosplay Chess will feature human cosplayers as the chess pieces being moved across the board, but this is not your standard chess match.  Cosplay Chess will be held on Sunday afternoon with rehearsals/orientations occurring before the match.

How does this work?

32 cosplayers are selected to participate as human chess pieces in a game of chess. These participants act out the chess match while being directed by the two actual chess players. You do not need to know how to play chess to be able to participate in this, but it doesn’t hurt!

How to sign up

Participants can sign up ahead of time via a form. To participate you must be in costume. The majority of the characters will be selected ahead of time, but there will be limited spots to sign up for at the con.  You can find the at-con sign up forms at the information booth.

Cosplay Chess Rules:

  1. All participants must be in costume.  No original characters, unfortunately!
  2. All costumes must abide by NashiCon’s rules and regulations.
  3. All weapons must abide by NashiCon’s rules and regulations
  4. You must attend the orientation before the chess match.
  5. All participants must be registered for NashiCon in order to participate.
  6. Please do not feed the stage ninjas. We don’t want another uprising.
  7. You must be at least 16 years of age by the time of NashiCon.
  8. The theme for 2016 is Earth vs Space (or basically, Mecha/Sci-fi vs Everything Else) so you stand a better chance of being picked if your character fits into one of those two categories.

Rules are subject to change by the discretion of the NashiCon Staff.


How pieces/parts are there?

There are thirty-two pieces on a chessboard, but we will be accepting extras and others for special attack purposes.

I have never seen or played Cosplay Chess before? What do?

Two chess players are pre-selected beforehand who are also a part of NashiCon’s staff. On the giant chessboard you will follow the guidelines of where to move according to what the chess players say. When two pieces confront each other, the board will clear and a small ‘battle’ sequence will commence. The losing piece goes to the sidelines and the winning piece takes the square. Just like a normal chess match, it will be played until the king piece is taken.

I want to be the king! Can I being the king? Can I pick which piece I am?

No, this decision will be made by the NashiCon staff. Each piece is important in chess after all. If you ask us to be the King will will definitely make you a Pawn, though.

May I apply with more than one costume?

Yes!  However, we will only pick one costume.  We wouldn’t want anyone trying to pull a clone wearing the other costume.  Just be sure to wear the costume that was selected for the game.

The con is here? What do man, what do?

You can sign up for what spots are left at the con at the info booth.  For those that applied ahead of time, you can check in on Sunday.  Exact times will be posted closer to the con on where and when the orientation will be meeting.  The orientation is required as the staff will be giving out important safety regulations.

If you have any questions please feel free to email the events chair @

Still confused?  Here is a video of a previous match!

Credit for the video goes to Empleh Fraley