2017 Workshop Rules and Guidelines:

1. Workshops need to be a minimum of 1 hour and a maximum of 2 hours. Included in this time is setup and take-down. You may start your workshop early (provided the event before yours has already ended) and you may end early, but you may not go over.

2. There will be the standard a/v hookups in each room. If you need a specialized hookup, such as an HDMI cable, YOU are responsible for bringing one. Nashicon will not be providing these. Please be aware that there may also not be HDMI ports in every panel room, so bringing a way to hook your device up to VGA is recommended.

3. Each main panelist (the person who sends in the workshop application) is eligible for 1 free badge. You are allowed to apply for and run as many events at Nashicon as you want, but you only get 1 free badge.

4. Your workshop MUST be appropriate for all ages unless you specifically designate it as 18+. Therefore, know that if your workshop is designated as 18+, it may be less likely to be accepted.

5. If your workshop is not 18+ and you are found to have included excessive cursing, violence, nudity, or sex in your panel your badge will be confiscated, you will be banned from participating further in Nashicon 2017, and you will be permanently blacklisted as a panelist.

6. Nashicon strives to provide a variety of high-quality programming that is relevant to our core theme – a celebration of Japan and Japanese culture. Workshops and other programming that more closely reflect our themes will always be given priority over ones that do not. While we do accept workshops about non-Japanese topics, they will not be given priority.

7. Please note that we may edit your workshop title or description to make them shorter to more effectively fit into the schedule or program booklet. Using proper spelling and grammar in your submission form will also make it more likely that your panel will be accepted!

8. No food or drinks!! Unfortunately, this means that any cooking or baking related workshops are out of the question. This INCLUDES giving away candy as a prize.

If you have any questions, feel free to email