Artist’s Alley

Applications Are Closed For 2018!


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Artist Alley?

Artist Alley is a showcase of artists selling their artwork and handmade crafts. You’ll find things like prints, plushies, jewelry, accessories, and more!

What are the hours of the Artist Alley?

Artist Alley will be open Friday evening, Saturday, and Sunday. Actual hours will be determined soon.

Where is the Artist Alley located?

In 2018, the Artist Alley is relocating to the Exhibit Hall, adjacent to the Dealers Area. This is on the bottom floor of the convention center.

How does your application process work?

NashiCon’s Artist Alley is a jury-based system. Applications will be open December 1-30, 2017. Each application and portfolio received by 11:59 p.m. EST on December 30 will be reviewed by our jury and scored on the following criteria: Quality, Creativity, Skill, and Marketability. Acceptances and waitlist notifications will be sent out by the end of January 2018.

What is included with an artist table?

Each artist table costs $70, and includes one (1) 6′ wide skirted table, two (2) chairs, and two (2) artist badges. Additional artist badges may be purchased for $30. Electricity is not available at Artist Alley tables.

As an Artist, what can and can’t I sell?

You can sell anything that you created yourself, or that features your own artwork. This includes handcrafted items. If you are selling manufactured goods such as t-shirts, purses, leggings, washi tape or others, they MUST feature your own artwork.
Prohibited items include food and drink, bootleg items, weaponry, duplications of official licensed material (including logos or printed/copied images from licensed works), and commercially available items.

What about fanart?

Fanart is allowed, but it must be your own creation – no tracing or copies of copyrighted work! Most companies do not allow the reproduction of their logos, as well. Also, be aware that some companies and creators strictly prohibit the sale of any fanmade works in the likeness of their characters. This includes Disney properties (including Marvel and Star Wars), anything owned by Fox (X-Men, Futurama, and a lot of others), Rooster Teeth properties (RWBY, Red vs. Blue, etc.), Welcome to Nightvale, Bee and Puppycat, Nyancat, Portal, and others. Parody is okay, as long as it is obviously parody. As a rule of thumb, before creating any art or crafts featuring canon characters, you should try to find out if the creator or license holder(s) have any rules or restrictions against using their characters. If you’re unsure, just drop us a line at and we’ll do our best to help!

Can I share a table with a friend?

Artists may share their table with other artists who have been accepted to the Artist Alley. Artists may not share table space with artists who were rejected. If you would like to share your table with a friend who has been waitlisted, you may do so as long as you notify us so that we can take them off of the waiting list. If you would like to share your table with a friend who did not apply for Artists Alley, please notify us and send us examples of their work so that we can approve them.
The easiest way to share your table with a friend is to include your friend’s work with your initial application.

Can I hold a raffle or lottery?

Only if it is free to enter – raffles and lotteries are considered gambling in South Carolina, and you must be a non-profit organization in order to legally hold a paid raffle/lottery. This includes giving a ticket to anyone who buys something – that is not technically free, as you would have to buy something in order to obtain the ticket.

What about 18+ or adult content?

18+ materials can be sold in our artist alley, but with two conditions. 1) Any objectionable parts need to be covered up (many artists use post-it notes and the like) and 2) You must check to make sure anyone who is looking at or buying said materials is over 18.

Do I need a business license? What about taxes?

You do not need a retail license to sell at NashiCon, under South Carolina code section 12-36-510(C). If you file taxes as a business or write off art-related expenses on your taxes as business expenses, you will need to collect SC sales tax and send it to the SC Department of Revenue. You can find this information at

What about my table display?

Keep it within the dimensions of the table. The tables are 6′ wide, 30″ deep and 36″ tall. Overhead displays are allowed, but please make sure they are stable – we don’t want any injuries! Please do not stick things to the walls, windows or ceiling. Music is allowed at your table but keep it on a low volume!

Will there be somewhere to store my inventory/displays overnight?

The Artist Alley is located in the Exhibit Hall this year, which is locked when the room closes. We do recommend keeping valuables, personal items, and extremely valuable merchandise with you when you leave for the night if possible.

Can I bring my own table/chairs/furniture?

Please do not bring your own tables. Everyone gets the space they pay for and extra tables cause traffic and fire hazards. If you have a small/portable stool or folding chair that is acceptable, however please keep it behind your table and out of the way of traffic.

I have a question that isn’t covered here!

If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail and we will respond to you as soon as possible.