Artist’s Alley

Artist application period will start on december 1st.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Artist Alley?

A literal alley (or in this case, two hallways) lined with artists selling their art and handmade crafts. You’ll find everything from prints to plushies, and maybe some surprises!

What are the hours of the Artist Alley?

The 2016 Artist Alley will officially be open at 9am on Saturday morning and will be open during the entirety of the convention, until 5pm Sunday. Each individual artist can choose when they set up and pack up their booth, however. Artists are allowed to set up as early as 7am on Saturday morning. The artist alley will not be open on Friday, nor will artists be able to set up on Friday evening.

Cash or Credit?

Some artists may have card readers, but the majority will most likely accept cash only. There is an ATM in the convention center lobby, and there are several banks within walking distance of the convention center.

Can I be in the Artist Alley?

Unfortunately, the artist alley for 2016 is already sold out. The application for 2017 will be available some time in the winter, usually around November or December. Check back on this website or on our facebook for more information!

As an Artist, what can and can’t I sell?

You can sell anything that you created yourself, or that features your own artwork. This includes handcrafted items. Food and drinks are not allowed as per the convention center rules, but things like handmade soaps, candles and others are allowed to be sold. If you are selling manufactured goods such as t-shirts, purses, leggings, washi tape or others, they MUST feature your own artwork.

What about fanart?

Fanart is allowed, but it must be your own creation – no tracing or copies of copyrighted work! Most companies do not allow the reproduction of their logos, as well. Also, be aware that some companies and creators strictly prohibit the sale of any fanmade works in the likeness of their characters. This includes Disney properties (including Marvel and Star Wars), anything owned by Fox (X-Men, Futurama, and a lot of others), Roosterteeth properties (RWBY, Red vs. Blue, etc.), Welcome to Nightvale, Bee and Puppycat, Nyancat, Portal, and others. Parody is okay, as long as it is obviously parody. As a rule of thumb, before creating any art or crafts featuring canon characters, you should try to find out if the creator or license holder(s) have any rules or restrictions against using their characters.

Can I hold a raffle or lottery?

Only if it is free to enter – raffles and lotteries are considered gambling, and you must be a 401 Non-Profit organization in order to legally hold a paid raffle/lottery. This includes giving a ticket to anyone who buys something – that is not technically free, as you would have to buy something in order to obtain the ticket.

What about 18+ or adult content?

18+ materials can be sold in our artist alley, but with two conditions. 1) Any objectionable parts need to be covered up (many artists use post-it notes and the like) and 2) You must check to make sure anyone who is looking at or buying said materials is over 18.

Do I need a business license? What about taxes?

Nashicon is considered a special event, so artists and vendors do not need a business license to sell, provided this is the only special event they sell at (so if you sold at Banzaicon or any other special event, anime-related or not, you might need to look into getting an SC business license). If you file taxes as a business or write off art-related expenses on your taxes as business expenses, you will need to collect SC sales tax and send it to the SC Department of Revenue. You can find this information here.

What about my table display?

Keep it within the dimensions of the table. The tables are 6′ wide, 30″ deep and 36″ tall. Overhead displays are allowed, but please make sure they are stable – we don’t want any injuries! Please do not stick things to the walls, windows or ceiling. Music is allowed at your table but keep it on a low volume!

Will there be somewhere to store my inventory/displays overnight?

We are in a hallway and due to this we will not have a secure area for you to keep your inventory/displays overnight. Please be prepared for this. NashiCon is not responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged property left unattended in the convention center.

Can I bring my own table/chairs/furniture?

Please do not bring your own tables. Everyone gets the space they pay for and extra tables cause traffic and fire hazards. If you have a small/portable stool or folding chair that is acceptable, however please keep it behind your table and out of the way of traffic.

I have a question that isn’t covered here!

If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail and we will respond to you as soon as possible.