Industry Guests:


Erica Mendez

Erica is best known for her roles as Ryuko Matoi in “KILL la KILL”, Gon Freecss in “Hunter x Hunter (2011)”, Aladdin in “Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic”, Yuuki Konno in “Sword Art Online II”, Diane in “Seven Deadly Sins”, Haruka Tenoh/Sailor Uranus in the new VIZ Media re-dub of “Sailor Moon”, and Nico Yazawa in “Love Live!”.

Other notable animation credits include Tsubaki in “Your Lie in April”, Akko in “Little Witch Academia”, Tsuruko in “AnoHana”, and Kenya in “Erased”. She can also be heard in “Gosick”, “Gundam: Iron Blooded Orphans”, “Yuki Yuna is a Hero”, “A Lull in the Sea”, “Danganronpa 3 -future arc-”, “Mob Psycho 100”, One Punch Man, “Charlotte”, “Blood Lad”, “The Asterisk War”, and “Aldnoah.Zero”

Her video game works include Eleanor in “Tales of Berseria”, Arle in “Puyo Puyo Tetris”, Nagisa Shingetsu in “Danganronpa Another Episode”, Eryn in “Fairy Fencer F”, Saki Hoshino in “Akiba’s Beat”, and Naotora Ii in “Dead or Alive 5: Last Round”. You can also hear her in other titles such as “Street Fighter V”, “Skullgirls 2nd Encore”, “Disgaea 5”, “Xenoblade Chronicles X”, “Trails of Cold Steel II”, “Omega Quintet”, ”Demon Gaze”, “Operation Abyss”, ”Hyperdevotion Noire”, “Atelier Escha & Logy”, “The Witch and the Hundred Knight”, “Ar nosurge”, “God Eater: Resurrection”, “God Eater 2: Rage Burst”, “Dust: An Elysian Tail”, and “Pac-man and the Ghostly Adventures”.

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Musical Guests:


Mega Ran

“Meet your new favorite videogame influenced rapper” – Noisey

“One of the most prolific and innovative rappers of the 21st Century,”
-Phoenix New Times.

“Random’s proven he can excel in storytelling, punchlines, poignancy,
freestyling and, well,

pretty much any other way you can measure an MC.” – LA Weekly

When LA Weekly said that Ran’s “fanbase and niche audiences are growing at a rate not seen since Tech N9ne,” they meant it. A former middle school teacher, Mega Ran (formerly Random) blends education, hip-hop and gaming in amazing new ways, penetrating the farthest reaches of the galaxy with his unique rhyme style and electric performances.

Ran cut his teeth in the city of Philadelphia as a moonlighting emcee and producer, performing, freestyle rapping, producing and later engineering at a studio. After relocating to Phoenix to teach, a creative lightning bolt struck, and a fire was lit. Retro video games were the catalyst. Random began the transformation into Mega Ran, his alter-ego, an ode to the classic video game character Megaman. He became the FIRST rap artist ever to be licensed by a major gaming corporation


Since then, Mega Ran releases have charted on Billboard, received GRAMMY consideration, placed on television (ABC/NBC News, ESPN, Portlandia, Tosh.O, WWE Wrestling) and in leading music, gaming and tech publications, print and online. Ran is a founding member of the NPC (Nerdy People of Color) Collective, a group of creatives focused on representation in games, music and tech.

Mega Ran may have traded in the chalk for the microphone, but a true teacher never stops. He maintains a rigorous touring and speaking schedule, traveling the galaxy to entertain and educate through the gift of rhyme.

Now that’s Random.



(Enongo Lumumba-Kasongo) is an Ithaca-raised, Philadelphia-based rap artist, producer, and PhD student in the Department of Science & Technology Studies at Cornell University. Known as much for her rousing stage presence as she is for her prowess as a beatmaker and lyricist, Sammus has spent the past several years cultivating a strong following of activists, hip hop heads, punks, and self-identified nerds and geeks, among others. As noted by the Los Angeles Times, Sammus “has a gift for getting a message across.” Having recently made her Don Giovanni debut (while remaining tied to NuBlack Music Group), she is poised to cement herself as an artist who consistently thinks outside boxes and dances across lines (and does other neat things with geometrical figures).

In addition to managing a full-time music career, Enongo has spent the past eight years as a public-school and college level educator. After graduating from Cornell University in 2008 with a double BA in Sociology and Science & Technology Studies, she was accepted into the national teaching program Teach for America and placed in Houston Texas, where she taught elementary math and science between 2008 to 2010. In the fall semester of 2011 she returned to Cornell as a PhD candidate to pursue an interest a wide array of sound studies topics, including sound and gaming as well as the identity politics of community studios. As an academic in training and very-vocal feminist, Enongo has produced articles for publications such as For Harriet, Sounding Out!, and The Mary Sue related to issues of race, hip-hop, gaming, and feminism.


None Like Joshua

As a versatile wordsmith and experimental electronic producer, None Like Joshua has been dabbling through a diverse set of music genres and topics to rap about since 2009. The level of fame that he’s garnered with over 21 million Youtube views has stemmed from rapping about his favorite video game, anime, TV shows, and movies intertwined with heavy electronic music.
His music has traveled from Zelda to Star Wars, Eminemto Linkin Park, Skrillex to Flux Pavilion, and politics to love over dubstep, trap, metal and other dynamic genres. NLJ’s lyrics and high energy is always complemented with music that inspires and hypes every listener. He’s made a name for himself with the support and collaborations from talented EDM producers, musical youtubers, and, of course, the tens of thousands of gamers, anime fans, and rap lovers who have shared one of his songs.

NLJ is taking over the internet with his music and EDM productions that anyone can dance and rock out to. According to FreshNewTracks, “he isn’t your average rapper. None Like Joshua comes in with a style like Mike Shinoda’s, but dreams further than the stars rapping over some of the hottest beats.” He’s also released a rap metal/nerdcore album, L33T, with the French band, Smash Hit Combo, which reached #1 on iTunes metal for France. He’s even performed in various cities and countries during his career; from Washington to Texas, Atlanta to New Orleans, and even across Europe in Amsterdam and London. With an upcoming EP, epic remixes, covers, and collabs on the way, NLJ is sure to give a show you’ll never forget.

You can find his music at