You jump and wave your arms frantically, hoping to be chosen and, against all odds, the Host chooses you out of the crowd. Success! You make your way to the front of the room. Before you is a large, square board with many multicolored spaces on it. You are handed a gigantic six-sided die and told to roll it. You roll. You move to a space. What will your fate be? The color of the space decides. Perhaps you’ll have a strange encounter in the Safari Zone.¬†Perhaps your wits will be tested. Perhaps you’ll have to…cluck like a chicken?

Welcome to O.T.A.K.U, the life-sized board game! After three years, Nashicon is bringing it back once more for our 10th anniversary. What crazy things will the players have to do for the amusement of the audience? What crazy memes will people encounter in the Safari Zone this year? Will the Host ever have a normal sense of humor? Come find out! And who knows, maybe you’ll even get to play!