Dealer’s Room

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the Dealers Area?

A room filled with businesses selling their wares. You can find all kinds of official merchandise: figures, keychains, plush, t-shirts, video games, CDs, artbooks, and a whole lot more!

Where is the Dealers Area?

The Dealers Area is located in the Exhibit Hall, on the lower level of the convention center.

What are the hours of the Dealers Area?

The Dealers Area will be open Friday evening, Saturday, and Sunday. Actual hours will be determined soon.

How does your application process work?

NashiCon’s Dealers Area applications open December 1, 2017, and will remain open until all booths have been claimed. Applicants are reviewed by the Head of Vendor Relations and the Dealers Area staff for quality, variety, marketability, and uniqueness. Once your application has been reviewed, our Head of Vendor Relations will be in contact with you to collect payment and discuss your needs. Applications are reviewed in the order they are received.

What is included in a dealers space?

Each 10’x10′ dealers space costs $200, and comes with one (1) table, two (2) chairs, and two (2) dealers badges. You may purchase up to three (3) additional dealers spaces (including the table, chairs, and badges). Additional dealer badges may also be purchased for $30. Electricity is available for $50 per dealer.

As a dealer, what can and can’t I sell?

The following items are prohibited from sale in NashiCon’s Dealer’s Room, due to Columbia Metropolitan Convention Center regulations and NashiCon policies:
1) Metal weapons, metal weapon replicas, any weapon that can fire a projectile.
2) Any food or drink items. This includes Ramune, Pocky, etc.
3) Illegal substances or related paraphernalia, tobacco products, vaping supplies.
4) Live-action pornographic materials of any sort.
5) Contact Lenses.
6) Bootlegs: This includes, but is not limited to, pirated DVDs, fan-subs, and unlicensed merchandise. NashiCon staff (Convention Chairs and the Director of Dealer’s Room) have the final judgement on whether an item/items are considered to be bootleg.
7) Stolen artwork, including “splatter art” and officially licensed artwork that has been edited in Photoshop and reproduced without the artist’s written permission.

NashiCon has a very strict anti-bootleg/piracy policy, and Dealers Area staff will be inspecting booths regularly throughout the weekend. Dealers are responsible for determining the authenticity of their merchandise prior to the event. Any questionable items must be removed immediately. The first violation of this policy will be a warning, and the Dealer will be asked to remove the offending merchandise. Failure to remove the item(s), or later attempting to sell the item(s), is cause for immediate removal of the Dealer from the convention, forfeiting all fees.

What about 18+/adult materials?

Any items labeled as 18+ (i.e., yaoi, yuri, hentai, etc.) MUST NOT be displayed with regular merchandise, and dealers are required to I.D. anyone interested in viewing these items. Dealers are not allowed to sell these items to anyone under the age of 18. Anyone caught doing so will be permanently banned from any and all NashiCon events.

Can I bring my own tables/chairs/furniture?

You may furnish your own chairs, tables, and display fixtures as long as it remains within your purchased booth space.

Do I need a business license? What about taxes?

You do not need a retail license to sell at NashiCon, under South Carolina code section 12-36-510(C). You are responsible for filing taxes from your sales, however. More information can be found at

Are there any other rules or guidelines I should be following as a Dealer?

1) No loud music, screaming/shouting, noise makers, strobe lights/flashing lights.
2) Do not solicit attendees or staff for anything other than the sale of merchandise.
3) Please clean up after yourself when packing up.
4) No vaping or smoking in the convention center.
5) Please do not take any tables, chairs, or other fixtures from other booths.

I have a question that wasn’t answered here!

Send an email to and we will answer your question to the best of our ability. Thanks!