Nashicon Fall Matsuri

Experiencing Nashicon withdrawals? Well, you’re in luck! This year we’re trying out a new event – Nashicon Fall Matsuri, a one -day festival brought to you by the staff of Nashicon! We’ll have video games, anime screenings, card games, board games and tabletop RPGs, a costume contest, a flea market, our Matsuri room, and the return of our ever-popular Maid Café!

Saturday, November 10th
11am to 6pm
$5 admission


University of South Carolina’s Gambrell Building:
1700 Greene Street
Columbia, SC 29201

There is a small parking lot beside the building, as well as several parking garages within walking distance on USC’s campus. In addition, all meter spots are free on weekends.



Nashicon Pokémon League

Do you have what it takes to overcome Nashicon’s eight gym leaders, defeat our Elite Four, and take on our Champion? Then come try your hand at conquering the Nashicon Pokémon League for a chance to win free admission to Nashicon 2013 or other awesome prizes! For more information see the thread on our forums.

Maid Café

Back by popular demand, our Maid Café makes a triumphant return to the Matsuri! What sort of tasty treats will we be serving up this time? Come by to find out!

The Great Manga Trade

The Great Manga Trade is back! Tired of your manga? Looking for a different story to read? Bring them in and trade them for different ones! Or if you just want to get rid of your manga you can donate them straight to the Nashicon Manga Library while you’re here!

Otaku Bazaar

Sell your stuff in our Otaku Bazaar! Anime, manga, video games, merchandise, handmade crafts, you name it – you can sell it! Name your own price, haggle, or trade to your hearts content! Space in the Bazaar is free, but it is first come, first serve, so make sure to get here early if you want a spot! Please note that YOU CANNOT SELL THE FOLLOWING ITEMS: weapons of any kind; pornography or anything depicting sex, excessive gore or nudity; bootleg merchandise; or food of any kind. If you are caught selling any of these things you will be kicked out of the festival with no warning. DON’T DO IT. You’ll also want to bring your own change – there are many banks and ATMs throughout the campus area.

Open Art Studio

We provide the paper and the art supplies, and you provide the art in our open art studio! You can draw whatever you want or draw our for our 2013 theme (Superheroes! Good vs. Evil). Artists of any age are welcome.


Come belt out your favorite tunes in our Karaoke room! Earplugs not provided. Selection of songs may be total arbitrary and random because it is subject to the whims of our staff, who are notorious for liking weird, niche things and no, we will not have Caramelldansen or Cruel Angel’s Thesis.


A village, quiet and peaceful. But among the villagers lurk deadly werewolves! Can the villagers figure out who the werewolves are before they are all eaten? Will they accidentally kill innocent villagers? Will the werewolves get to eat everyone? Game master Wataru’s popular game of stabbity death and deceit is back! Location and time(s) to be announced~


Other events will include our viewing rooms (what are we showing? It’s a mystery!), video game room, the card game room and tabletop RPGs. Stay tuned for more information!