The application to run a panel at Nashicon 2018 will go online in January 2018.

Rules and Policies:

    1. Panels need to be a minimum of 1 hour and a maximum of 2 hours. Included in this time is panel setup and takedown. You may start your panel early (provided the panelist/event before yours has already ended) and you may end your panel early, but you may not go over. A staff member will give you a ten-minute heads up and a five-minute heads up. You should aim to finish your panel 5 minutes early to give the next panelist/event time to set up.
    2. There will be the standard a/v hookups in each room. If you have a Mac/Apple device or need a specialized hookup, such as an HDMI cable, YOU are responsible for bringing one. Nashicon will not be providing these. Please be aware that there may also not be HDMI ports in every panel room, so bringing a way to hook your device up to VGA is recommended.
    3. Each main panelist (the person who sends in the panel application) is eligible for 1 free badge. You are allowed to apply for and run as many panels as you want, but you only get 1 free badge. Panelists can pick up their badges from the Events department check-in station at registration.
    4. Your panel must be appropriate for all ages unless you specifically designate it as 18+. The only available times to run 18+ panels are on Friday and Saturday nights.
    5. If your panel is not 18+ and you are found to have included excessive cursing, violence, nudity, or sex in your panel your badge will be confiscated, you will be banned from participating further in Nashicon 2016, and you will be permanently blacklisted as a panelist. If you have any questions or concerns about whether your panel should be considered 18+ or not, please feel free to email with your questions.

  1. Please note that we may edit your panel title or description to make them shorter to more effectively fit into the schedule or program booklet.
  2. No food or drinks can be served in the convention center! This includes giving away candy as a prize during a game.

If you have any questions, feel free to email