Panel and Workshop submissions are now open!

Click the either event link for their form!

Panels and workshop submissions will be reviewed, and you will then get an acceptance, denial, or wait-list email. These emails will be sent out in waves, as in previous years. The first wave of emails will go out around the end of January/beginning of February, a second in mid-February, a third in late February, and a final wave of emails in early March.

Below you’ll find what we’re looking for in panels/workshops, as well as some rules and guidelines to follow in submitting your panel/workshop as well as in running it at the convention.

What is a panel? What is a workshop?:

At NashiCon, a panel is considered to be a discussion or event run by staff, guests or attendees that is entertaining. A workshop is a specific type of panel that is focused solely on teaching the audience a skill of some kind.

What is NashiCon looking for in a panel or workshop?:

NashiCon strives to provide a variety of high-quality programming that is relevant to our core theme – a celebration of Japan and Japanese culture. Panels and workshops that more closely reflect our themes will always be given priority over ones that do not. While we do accept events about non-Japanese topics, they will not be given priority.

In addition, our convention theme for 2018 is going to be Music, so panels and workshops related to music will also be given priority this year!

Ultimately, what we want in a panel is something that is entertaining and educational. If you are running a fandom-specific panel, you can educate people about why the show, book, video game, etc. is worth checking out, and entertain people by talking about what makes the series special. And, yes, you can do a question and answer segment, but that cannot be your ENTIRE panel.

What is NashiCon NOT looking for in a panel?:

If a panel or workshop is too similar to an already-planned main event, we are going to be much more likely to reject it. Main events include: concerts, the costume contest, the formal ball, our glowstick dance, the Pokémon League, Anime Dating Games, Karaoke, Doki Doki Dance Fest, and O.T.A.K.U. – our giant, audience-interactive board game.

In addition, we will no longer be accepting panels in “ask a character”, “truth or dare”, “pajama party”, “dance party”, or similar formats. You can have a question and answer segment, but it may not be more than 40% of your panel’s run time. If you submit a panel and then run it as “ask a character” or similar at the convention, you will not be allowed to run panels at any future Nashicon events.

Rules and Policies:

Please make sure to carefully read our rules for panels and workshops – we’ve updated them from 2017!

Panel/Workshop Length: Panels need to be a minimum of 1 hour and a maximum of 2 hours. Workshops can be longer than two hours, if the need for extra time is justified. Included in this time is setup and take-down. You may start your panel or workshop early (provided the panelist/event before yours has already ended) and you may end early, but you may not go over. Due to limited schedule space, two-hour panels are less likely to be accepted, or we may ask you to cut your panel’s length.

Audio/Visual Equipment: There will be the standard a/v hookups in each room. If you have a Mac/Apple device or need a specialized hookup, such as an HDMI cable, YOU are responsible for bringing one. NashiCon will not be providing these. Please be aware that there may also not be HDMI ports in every panel room, so bringing a way to hook your device up to VGA is recommended.

Badges: Each main panelist (the person who sends in the panel/workshop application) is eligible for 1 free badge. You are allowed to apply for and run as many events at NashiCon as you want, but you only get 1 free badge.

18+/Adult Programming: Your panel MUST be appropriate for all ages unless you specifically designate it as 18+. The only available times to run 18+ panels are on Friday and Saturday nights. Therefore, know that if your panel is designated as 18+, it may be less likely to be accepted. If your panel is not 18+ and you are found to have included excessive cursing, violence, nudity, or sex in your panel you will be permanently blacklisted as a panelist.

Food & Drinks: Please do not bring any kind of food or drinks into the panel room, aside from bottled water that is tightly secured – spilled food and drinks can cause damage to the convention center’s a/v equipment, which in turn costs NashiCon a lot of money. This means that bringing in any kind of food or drinks to use as examples or samples is not allowed.

In addition, do not bring food or candy of any kind to give away as prizes during your panel or workshop! It is not allowed in the building as per the convention center’s rules, and if you are found to be doing this you will be blacklisted from hosting any future panels or workshops.

If you have any questions, feel free to email