Interested in running an event at Nashicon 2017? Great! Step 1 is figuring out what kind of event you’d like to run. We have several different kinds to choose from:


Want to teach people how to do something? A workshop is for you! The goal of a workshop is for the head panelist – that’s you – to teach an audience how to do or make something. Your lesson of choice should be related in some way to Japan or Japanese culture, or at the very least to convention culture. You are allowed to specify a maximum number of participants, if you wish. If your workshop will require physical materials – for example, if you are submitting a “how to make a plush” panel – and you want to provide materials to your potential students, you may request an at-the-door charge to cover materials. This cost cannot be more than $10 per person, and you must document exactly what materials you will be providing and how much they will cost. Lesson plans will be required on your application!


Does your event involve the audience? You’re running an interactive event! These can be anything from lip-sync battles to gameshows and anything in-between. Note that interactive panels that are too similar to existing events such as Cosplay Chess, the Dating Games, or O.T.A.K.U. the Giant Interactive Boardgame are less likely to be accepted. Events such as Ask a Character may be considered, but priority will be given to events that involve more than panelists simply showing up in cosplay and relying on the audience for their event’s content. If you are planning on handing out prizes, you CANNOT hand out candy due to the convention center’s food restriction rules!


The traditional convention staple. Panels are typically lectures or discussions of a central topic, usually relating to a specific fandom or a theme of pop culture. Nashicon is a Japanese culture convention at heart, so panels with a focus on Japanese media and culture will be given priority. And in addition, because this year’s theme is retro video games, panels with a focus on those will be given the most priority. We do still accept applications for panels with a more western or non-Japanese focus, however, those are less likely to be submitted.


Cosplay photoshoots, pajama parties, or just a group of people coming together to celebrate a fandom – those are all considered Gatherings! These can take place in several areas of the convention center, including the gazebo, upstairs lobby, and more!

Any questions? You can always send an email to!