Click here to fill out the fan gathering application form for Nashicon 2017! You can see the list of gatherings here!

This form will stay open and online until Friday, March 17th. Gatherings may be approved or denied, and applicants informed, earlier than that date. Applicants will receive an email from no later than Saturday, March 25th concerning the status of their fan gathering and, if approved, the date, time and location.

So you want to host a fan gathering at Nashicon 2017? Awesome! Fan gatherings are different from the typical programming of panels, workshops and events, in that they don’t take place inside of rooms. This can be anything from a cosplay photoshoot to a gathering of people that are all into the same series that just want to chat. In order for your fan gathering to be on the official schedule, it needs to be open to all attendees, and it needs to be an all-ages event. If they are accepted, fan gatherings submitted through this application will appear on the official schedule, and be guaranteed a spot in the convention center. We will have more information about the official gathering locations when the application goes live.