Cosplay Contest

Thanks to everyone who participated in the 2017 costume contest! See you next year~

Have a costume you wish to show off? Or do you have a costume you made and would like to enter it to win prizes? Then this is the event for you. Have your costumed enter to be judged, or have a walk on to show off your costume to an audience. Rules are subject to change by the NashiCon staff at any time without warning.

You can sign up for a judging time on Friday from 5pm – 10pm, or on Saturday from 10am to 5pm. These spots are first-come, first served, so make sure to get there early! Judging times will be on Saturday from 10am to 5pm.


Signing Up

  • Anyone wanting to enter the Costume Contest (CC) will need to be a registered attendee of the convention on the day of the contest. Your badge will be checked.
  • There will be a manned sign-up table starting Friday evening, usually on the second floor by the escalators. If it is not there, ask a staff member.
  • Sign-ups are REQUIRED in order to compete.
  • You will be given a choice of judging times when you sign up. Show up early to get the best selection.
  • The sign-up table will be staffed until 1 hour before the contest for any questions.
  • When you sign up you will be given instructions on when and where to go for judging and the contest. Showing up late to judging or the contest will result in disqualification.


Craftsmanship Contest Rules

  • Registration to NashiCon is required.

  • All costumes in competition for craftsmanship may be derived from any media source.

    1. We will also be allowing original designs, reimagines, gender swaps, fan art, etc. HOWEVER, these costumes will only be eligible to compete for original design award(s) and Best in Show. They will not be eligible for any of the division award (e.g. 1st Place Novice).

    2. We will also have a division entirely for props in the craftsmanship contest. Please see the prop rules below for details.

  • Please bring one or more reference images (for OCs please bring any images or designs you may have used for inspiration). Please print them and bring them to judging if possible. Not having references may result in a points deduction.

  • All costumes must be made by the person entering the contest OR with the maker and a model. The percentage made for each division is: Novice – 60%, Journeyman – 75%, Master – 90%

  • No adult themed or otherwise inappropriate costumes are permitted.

  • Any costume that has won any award at NashiCon previously, or has won an award at any convention larger than NashiCon is not eligible to enter any craftsmanship contest UNLESS significant changes have been made. Please contact the Contest Staff if you have questions.

  • All contestants are allowed to bring one person with them to judging. Minors are allowed to bring two adults with them. Guests must remain quiet and stand off to the side while judging is going on.

  • The contest will cap at 30 entries. Groups count as one entry. Sign-up is required for craftsmanship.

  • We are no longer accepting ‘closet’ costumes, or anything that falls below the Craftsmanship Percentage rule. However, you may still either do a ‘walk-on’ before the contest. Please show up to the ballroom during at the beginning of the ‘costume contest setup’ time slot listed in the schedule. No pre-registration is required for walk-ons.

Craftsmanship Divisions

We will have skill divisions for the craftsmanship contest:

  • Novices: This division will be for cosplayer who have never competed before or who have competed, but not won an award. At least 60% of the costume must be made by the entrant.
  • Journeyman: This division is for cosplayers who have been competing for a while and a have one or more awards. At least 75% of the costume must be made by the entrant.
  • Master: This division is for cosplayers who have been crafting and competing for a long time and have won 3 or more major awards (e.g. First place or best of category awards or Best in Show) OR makes and sells their creations either publically or privately. At least 90% of the costume must be made by the entrant.
  • Youth: This division is for our youngest cosplayers 12 years old and below.

If you are not sure what division you belong in, please talk to a Contest Staff member, and we will help you select the correct division for you to enter. Please note that staff and judges reserve the right to bump a contestant to a higher division based on skill. A contestant will never be dropped to a lower division.


Prop Division Rules

  1. Registration to NashiCon is required.

  2. Props can come from any source, such as video games, movies, and comics, as well as from any region (Japanese, Western, etc).

  3. Props MUST be based on official artwork. No original creations are permitted.

  4. References are REQUIRED. Please print them and bring them to judging if possible. Not having references will result in a points deduction.

  5. All props must be peace-bonded (non-working). Any props that are considered dangerous will not be allowed to compete.

  6. One prop source per contestant. Multiple props from several sources is not allowed. (ex: a variety of props for a Green Arrow costume is ok, three props from three different video games is not.)


Skit Division Rules

  1. All skits must be registered at the Contest Table.

  2. Skits have a time limit of three minutes for groups of 1-5. Skits with more than 6 people will have five minutes.

  3. Due to restrictions we will no longer have a live microphone available during the contest. Any dialog will need to be pre-recorded.

  4. All skit audio must be given to the contest staff at least 2 hours before the contest and needs to be in a standard digital format. Media can be on a CD or flash drive which will be returned to you after the contest.

  5. No foul language, adult content, or be otherwise inappropriate will be permitted since this is an all-ages event.

  6. Contestants for both the skits and costume contests are required to maintain a safe stage area. The use of water, glitter, smoke, firearms (real or Nerf style), or anything else that may cause harm to others or property is allowed. No acrobatics, flips, or tumbling will be allowed for safety reasons.

  7. Any skits requiring audience participation of any kind will require pre-approval from staff.

  8. The Contest Staff reserves the right to stop and remove any contestant at any time for any reason.



If you are unsure of any of the guidelines please send your email to or As the con draws closer more specific rules will be added, but if you follow the rules posted above, you will be good for the contest.

We welcome walk-ons for people who either haven’t made their costumes or made at least 80% of their costumes. If you choose to do a walk-on, you will not be judged.