Cosplay Contest

Thanks to everyone who participated in the 2017 costume contest! See you next year~

Have a costume you wish to show off? Or do you have a costume you made and would like to enter it to win prizes? Then this is the event for you. Have your costumed enter to be judged, or have a walk on to show off your costume to an audience. Rules are subject to change by the Nashicon staff at any time without warning.

You can sign up for a judging time on Friday from 5pm – 10pm, or on Saturday from 10am to 5pm. These spots are first-come, first served, so make sure to get there early! Judging times will be on Saturday from 10am to 5pm.



  1. Registration to Nashicon is required to enter the costume contest (either Saturday only or All Weekend).
  2. Costumes must be 80% handmade or significantly altered by the contestant. The only exception is if the person who did make the costume is able to attend the pre-judging.
  3. No costume is no costume.
  4. A photo reference is highly recommended, but not required. We REALLY recommend at least one reference! Fanart is ineligible as a source.
  5. Upon signing up for the contest you will be given either a judging time or other directions on when and where to go for pre-judging. Showing up late is an automatic disqualification.
  6. Anyone wishing to do a ‘walk-on’ should show up to the ballroom during the ‘costume contest setup’ time slot listed in the schedule. No pre-registration is required.
  7. We are no longer accepting ‘closet’ costumes, or anything that falls below the 80% rule. However, you may still either do a ‘walk-on’ before the contest.
  8. If you have any questions please feel free to contact the Contest Head via email:

On-Stage Rules

  1. No explosives, real firearms, or projectiles.
  2. No using things that may dirty/damage the stage, or make it unsafe for contestants (ie: glitter, water, confetti, etc)
  3. All skits must be pre-approved by the judges. This can be done at craftsmanship pre-judging. If you are only entering a skit then sign up for a craftsmanship slot so you can meet with the judges.

If you are unsure of any of the guidelines please send your email to or As the con draws closer more specific rules will be added, but if you follow the rules posted above, you will be good for the contest.

We welcome walk-ons for people who either haven’t made their costumes or made at least 80% of their costumes. If you choose to do a walk-on, you will not be judged.